When you join CS you’re joining a growing community and family who care about your well-being.

CS Conditioning

A no-nonsense class!

30 minute blast; in and out; short and sharp. This class will progress your conditioning, raise your heart rate and take you to higher levels of fitness. 

A great mix of barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells.

Varied Circuit

No two classes are the same. We mix weights training with cardio. This is a high intensity class that will push you.

Check the video on the right and find out what to expect from this class!

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Central Mobility

This is a low intensity class focusing on quality of movement while promoting mobility.

Structure: Warmups, dynamic stretching; each class is then split up into upper and lower body mobility work in order to increase range of movement.

Females Only Lifting Class

We want to help females feel empowered when they exercise. We want to show them they can be strong and functional whilst becoming educated on what they are doing and why!

This Female Only Lifting Class will include:

– Strongman lifts for functional strength.
– Powerlifting.
– ‘METCON’ (metabolic conditioning) – pushing the body beyond its perceived limits.
– Mobility & stretching.
– Technique workshops.

Pricing Plans

We are a family, we want to grow a strong community within Glasgow and beyond.
£ 5 Price per user
  • Pay at the Gym
  • Free tour & try-out
  • High five from Bob
  • No time limit
£ 22
Price per user
  • No joining fee
  • Access to all classes
  • High five from Bob
  • Study area
£ 27
Price per user
  • No joining fee
  • Access to all classes
  • Member chillout area
  • High five from Bob