Train Your Clients from Central Strength Gym

Incredible facilities and incredible support for your Personal Trainers!

Whether you have a renowned business or are just starting out, we’re big believers in the training community. We think we should all be supporting each other for the greater good, and there are certainly enough slices of the pie!

We believe here at Central Strength Gym in Glasgow that we’ve created one of the very best training facilities around… It certainly isn’t a barn full of treadmills, but instead a collection of world class equipment and functional training gear!

So if you’re the kind of Personal Trainer that is building their business based on a reputation of results, then we’ll fit nicely.


Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, we want to support you. Business is hard enough these days, so we try to be as fair as possible to support our Personal Trainers; We look for long term relationships, not short term gains.

For this reason, we cap our rent at £400/mth (max), which is calculated in a stepped scale depending on the number of days you train your clients within our gym.

All we ask is that you respect our space and support us how we’ll support you.

Our commitment to you is to ensure you have a clean and well-maintained facility to train your clients; We want you to be proud of where you run your business, and welcome input or suggestions when suitable.

We are constantly investing in what is already one of the best collections of training equipment in Glasgow, and we will continue to. You can see the list of what we offer below.

Furthermore, as we don’t have in-house personal trainers, we can pass on enquiries to you in order to help you grow. If you bring in new members for us… Well… We help each other!

We have a coded entry system so you can be confident of security and access when management isn’t in also.

3 Squat Racks
1 Power Cage
Lat Pull Down (plate loaded)
Low Row (plate loaded)
Preacher Curler (plate loaded)
Flat/Incline/Decline Bench
Leg Press/Hack Squat
Seal Row
Deadlift Platform
Dumbbells Area


Lat Pull Down (pulley cable machine)
Shoulder Press Machine
Chest Press Machine
Adjustable Glute/Ham Developer
Seated Calf Raise
Leg Extension
Lying Hamstring Curl Machine
Belt Squat (plate loaded)
Back Extension
Kettlebell Set
Assault Bike
Exercise Bike
Exercise Platforms
Assault Runner
Dumbbell Sets
Climbing Rig
Suspension Trainer
Slam Balls
The Tank!
Yoke (strongman)

Carries (strongman
Log 30kg (strongman
Hanging Boxing Bag
Split Squat Machine
Plyo Box
4 Sizes of Tyre (200,100, 50 and 30kg)
Battle Rope (20kg)
Resistance Bands


What Our Current Trainers Say

"As a personal trainer, i provide a varied style of training to suit my client's goals exactly. So having a facility like this, with the range of equipment, It is just fantastic. There's nowhere else like it in the city.
John Doe
Personal Trainer
"The support I've had from Bob and Central Strength while growing my client base has been huge! The facility they have created is perfect for effective training."
Personal Trainer