Sports Therapy & Performance Clinic

Introducing HS Athletics

Improve Performance & Avoid Injury

Located in the heart of Glasgow, a place where tradition meets modern styles of training. At Central Strength, we have a specialised and advanced Sports Therapy and Sports Performance Clinic.

Working with our partners, HS Athletics, we are here to make the change.


It’s important to take care of your body. Personal training helps you improve your body composition, strength, power and so much more. However, acute injuries are inevitable such as shoulder and back pain, being the most common.

That’s exactly what we do. We treat and manage musculoskeletal dysfunctions that happen with over training, poor posture, acute injuries and trauma. We help you optimise your body, so you can flow just like water.

Price: £35

You know what they say about tuning up a car?

Don’t wait for the check engine light, take control of your body. Move pain free with correct posture to maximize gains from your training. Don’t let the injuries catch up to you, prevention is better than cure.

Price: £35

A deep tissue massage will help you relax physically and mentally. It can be added into your weekly gym routine as prehab or recovery for the times you feel exhausted.

Feeling burnt out?

Your time is precious. Book an appointment now and let us do the rest

Price: £35

Your metabolism is neither fast or slow, it’s different.

Your heart beats around 100,000 times a day. And with the right type of training it can grow in size, improving your cardiovascular health. It’s time to understand your heart better than never before.

Through a metabolic assessment, you can get an in-depth understanding of your heart, lungs, cardiovascular functions and

  • See how many calories you are burning at rest for a precise diet plan
  • Your fitness and limiting factors reducing the quality of your health
  • Upto 12 different metrics to improve athletic performance
  • Heart rate zoning for training efficiency
  • And much more.

A metabolic assessment involves a resting metabolic rate test and a physiological fitness test. The results are translated into an aesthetic report for ease of understanding.

And a further consultation with a specialised coach for designing a training program and consult your nutrition to get you ready for your goal.

Price: £295

Calories are like relationships, it can get complicated. We help you make it simple and effective, without compromising on taste.

We don’t just give you a plan. With clinical grade technology we measure the calories you burn at rest. Then we measure your body composition and create a unique client profile. From that information we can create a unique diet plan just for you. 

Fast forward your journey into the future, no more complicated relationship with food.

Price: £65

Ever wondered how footballers can perform for over 2 hours without compromising on performance or health?

This pandemic revealed how fragile we really are. And poor cardiovascular health can predispose us to the unknown.

This test is the best indicator for cardiovascular fitness and aerobic health. A gold standard in professional sports, now available from HS ATHLETICS at Central Strength Glasgow.  

Book a free Virtual Consultation now. with a specialized sports scientist to learn more.

Price: £65


Improve performance & Avoid Injury

Performance coaching is the art of strength and conditioning. This form of training is specialized to each individual’s needs and goals e.g. do you want to perform better at your sports or feel tired doing every day work than this is for you.

A combination of exercise physiology, nutrition and training will get you into peak performance and shape. Through a careful analysis of your metabolism, it gives a specialised and individualised plan for strategic and tactical approach.